Is This What Skytrax 4 Star Stands For?

China Southern

Hello guys, I am finally back in Singapore now, I generally have a very bad impression with China Southern not only their hard product but also their staffs.  I flew on the China Southern flight 351 bound for Singapore yesterday and eventually having a horrible experience. When during check-in, the check-in agent said that the flight was oversold by 11 seats. The flight actually only have 130 passengers, by what that China Southern agent mean, this flight should have 152 passengers onboard ( China Southern's old A320 have 8 Business + 144 Economy). The drinks on the trolley are not their full drink menu even in the first row, they didn't put any red Wine or Beer, WHAT IS THIS, this is not Dom or Krug champagne or something that retail over 100$, why do you need to hide it in front of passengers?  The food onboard that flight for some unknwon reason is totally disgusting and even worse compared to what Spring Airlines( A Chinese Budget Airline famous for their bad service and cramped seats ) offered me for 40 Yuan ( 5.7USD).  Before landing, I asked for a bottled water replied that bottled water is not served in Economy. What is this? Can't even afford some bottled water onboard. I asked for a big bottle and they are surprised.

After this totally horrible experience. China Southern shouldn't be getting Skytrax 4-star. If this qualifies as a 4-star airline, what is 3 star and 2 star like?



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