Review: SAS CRJ 900 Stockholm- Amsterdam Economy Class

Plane Taking us to Amsterdam

Our aircraft is scheduled to leave Stockholm-ARN at 8:35 AM. The funniest part is that the gate only opens at 8:15 AM and closes after 8:35 AM.This Flight is operated by CityJet.
A look at the aircraft
Seat is arranged 2+2, which I prefer over 3+3 that A320 and B737 uses, Seat Pitch was great, I seated in seat 05C, Which I switched to 05D due to my neighbor's request.

Our carry on Suitcases Vehicle!

The downside of CRJ 900 is that you carry-on suitcase has to be placed on a vehicle.
Tags between two cabins

This row is the first row of SAS go(Economy), SAS does not have a curtain between Go and Plus cabin but instead, they decided to place a tag on the last row of Plus.
Qatar Boeing 787
Singapore Airlines Airbus 350-900

View after take-off

We taxied through terminal and we take off behind an SAS 737
Tea with Milk

SAS Economy Class Bottom Line

Ground Service: 9/10
Seat Comfort: 9/12
Aircraft Cleanness: 12/16
Cabin Interior: 8/12
Aircraft condition: 9/10
Check-in staff: 7/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
In-Flight Service: 5/10
SAS Website: 7/10

Overall Rating: 72/100 




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