Shenzhen Air B737 First Class Wuxi-Guangzhou and Wuxi "King Lounge"

Delay Notice
This flight is scheduled to depart at 21:30PM. I arrived at the airport at around 6:30PM, after check-in, I asked the manager is there any hot food inside the "King Lounge" unfortunately this lounge doesn't have any hot food. I went to the restaurant near the Check-in desk, is reasonably priced per Chinese Airport standards.

China Eastern VIP lounge

This lounge is located next to China Eastern lounge, which some hot food option available.

Lounge entrance

This lounge has very good interior compare to what you usually expect from a domestic First Class lounge.

Shenzhen Air called their lounge King Lounge, all of them expect Wuxi have hot food, which the reception staff told us that they are requesting it. It will be my absolute First choice anyways within China domestic.

Shenzhen Air B747
Infront of the reception, there is a Shenzhen Air B747, which is totally unbelievable!
Drink Selections
Tea selection
This lounge has a variety of Tea and drinks selection per Chinese Lounge standard.
Kid area
There is also a designated kids area in this lounge, which is totally winning the best lounge without hot food option in China.
Some refreshments
Some more
And more

Boarding was called out at 2:50am, 5 hours behind schedule, I went to the gate 20 minutes before that to ensure be the first person to board the plane.
Boarding sign
Shenzhen Airlines 9826
Wuxi(WUX) Guangzhou(CAN)
Saturday, July 1
Depart: 21:30 PM
Arrive: 23:50 PM
Duration: 2hr15min
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Seat: 1A (First Class)
Cabin overall

This flight is operated by older B737s that Shenzhen has, this flight is full in both First and Economy. Is this the reason why Shenzhen put in a higher density aircraft?

First Class Seat
Seat its self is a little bit better from United but not as good as Virgin America.

Welcome Drink
I am offered juice as welcome drink, I am already extremely tired at this point of the flight.



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