Why is Shenzhen Air the best way to fly within China in Business Class

Shenzhen Air Chauffeur Driving Service

While I have mentioned in posts that Shenzhen Air is the best way to travel within China in Business Class, I have not yet explained why.

1: Free Chauffeur Driving Service

Many people can don't use an airline lounge by using their Priority Card to access a different lounge, but here is the fact that does those cards provide free chauffeur driving? No, right? Shenzhen Air provides free chauffeur driving service to all passengers in Business and domestic first class.

2: Free Hot food available in all lounges expect Wuxi 

While most airline's lounge doesn't provide hot food in some small cities. All Shenzhen Air's lounge expects Wuxi (They called it King's Lounge) provides hot food for free, which many airports in domestic China does not have.

3: Big recline seats

Many people complain about domestic first class in the US, Shenzhen air's onboard product is as good as angle-flat seats or Virgin America seats.

Bottom Line

If you want to get away with domestic first class in the US, Shenzhen air is your first choice!



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