Quick Review: China Southern A320 Economy Class Guangzhou to Singapore

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN)

This trip is one of those trips that I am not writing a full review because of the fact that I don't see the point of reviewing a China Southern Short-haul. This flight is delayed by 23 minutes, this flight is operated by China Southern Shenyang based crews which I generally find that they are better than Guangzhou based crews.

Here is some photo I spotted, no copyright as long as you give credit to this blog!!

China Southern Boeing 787

China Southern Boeing 787

Turkish Airline Boeing 777-300ER with Qatar Airbus Airbus 380 in the back

Air France Boeing 777-200ER

My boarding gate for this flight is in the new build area which includes a MacDonald.

Boarding on the China Southern Airbus 320

This flight is not just being operated by Shenyang based also with Shenyang based planes.

Row 31 on China Southern Airbus 320

Given that this flight is operated by China Southern regional aircraft, on most international short-haul route, Premium Economy zone is sold as Economy, select this seats if you fly on A320, B737!

I did not take any photos for rest of the plane trip due to China's NO PHONE policy, my Ipad is running out of battery given that I forgot to bring my Ipad on my previous trip from Wuxi to Guangzhou and I just pick up it before Check-in.

The plane is full and the service just like every China Southern Economy flight, a choice between Pork and Chicken!



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