Finnair International Lounge Helsinki

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Our Previous flight arrived from Amsterdam is on-time for arrival. While my next flight from Helsinki back to Singapore was delayed by half an hour due to connecting passengers. As I mention in the Schengen Area Lounge Review, Helsinki has very quick Passport Control (we don’t need to go through Security Control this time). Helsinki seems like to be the next Dubai, giving that there are many luxuries shops.
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Helsinki Airport is pretty big and modern, they expanded in this Summer. The Lounge is located in the middle of the terminal.
Finnair International Area Lounge
Helsinki(HEL) , Finland
Thursday, August 10
Duration of Visit: 40 Minutes
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As we entered the lounge, we saw the signs to Sauna and Shower Area to our left.
This Lounge is famous for Sauna. Due to time limits, we did not go for sauna and just snap a photo at the door.
The shower is par for a Business Class Lounge in Europe.
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The lounge has a selection of both non-alcohol and alcohol drinks, which is quite nice.
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Finnair International lounge has a selection late-night snacks. The food quality is par with other lounges but not very outstanding for a Business Class Lounge.

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Finnair Lounge also had some Macarons that is as hard as stone and also a very special cheese selection with Finnish Cheese.
Like my review on the Schengen Area Lounge a while ago, this Lounge also has some very special water which taste very good and in iced temperature!
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Past the dining section, Finnair International Lounge in Helsinki also has some seating which is very similar to their color on their aircraft.
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I went to the gate at about 23:30. Five minutes later, Boarding was called. Like most of the occasion , Business Class passengers boarded the plane first and I was one of the first passengers onboard. To my surprise, this flight’s crew is Singaporean expect the pilots.



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