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Types of First Class
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I talked about the type of Business Class Yesterday. This post is going to be about the types of First Class; I will only mention First Class Product that Is Active. First Class Usually is Suites than Seat given that they have a lot of privacy.
First Class product is usually one of those products across major Airlines:
Enclosed Suites
Semi-closed Suites
Angle Suites
Enclosed Suites
This type of Suites has a door on every suite, this kind of seat has very high privacy. Large screen, Lots of Storage and also has to raise able dividers.
Swiss B777 First Class

Use By
-    China Southern A380
-    Emirates B777, A380
-    Kuwait Airways B777-300ER
-    Etihad A330, B787, A380, A340, B777
-    Singapore Airline A380
-    Korean Air Some B777, B747-8
-    THAI B747
-    Jet Airways B777
-    Swiss B777
And More
Lufthansa First Class
Semi-closed Suites
Semi-closed Suites don’t have a door. However, given that is a First Class product, it still has very high amount of privacy and storage space, seat maybe wider given that it does not have a door
-    China Southern B777-300ER
-    Air China B777-300ER, B747-8
-    Singapore Airline B777-300ER
-    Thai A380
-    Lufthansa A330, A340, A380, B747
-    Swiss A340, A330
-    Oman Air A330-300
-    Qatar A340, A380
And More

Angled Suites
Cathay Pacific B777 -300ER First Class
This type of seat has an angle towards the seat; this seat doesn't have big screens compare the former 2. The benefit of this type of seat is having more storage space and wider seats.
-    Cathay Pacific B777-300ER
-    Air France B777-300ER
-    American B777-300ER
-    Air France B777-300ER
- British Airways A380, B777, B787
-    Air France B777-300ER



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