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I have written about the difference between classes, but I have not yet talked about different Business Class products and First Class Products, I will cover Business Class products today. However, I will only list long-Haul currently in use products; I will hopefully finish types of First Class Tomorrow.
Most Airlines use one of these types of seats
Apex Suites
Staggered Seat
Reverse Herringbone
Lie-Flat Seats
Angled and Recline Seats
1: Apex Suites
Korean Air New Business Class.png
Korean Air 777 New Business Class
Apex Suites is a type of seats designed by BE Aerospace. Layout for this type of seating is 2-2-2 or 2-3-2. Apex Suites has a small aisle for guests in the window seat
Use by: Oman Air, Korean Air, Japan Airlines
Pros: High privacy, Raise able divider
Cons: Not as cool as Forwarding Facing Seats when the seat next to you is empty, seats are too far apart, Seats are not created equally
2: Staggered Seat
Swiss 777 New Business Class
There are two types of Staggered Seat currently, one are Thomas Vantage and the other one is Solstys style. Both types of Business Class seats have a lot of privacy
Thomas Vantage style Use by Swiss, Austrian, Finnair, Qantas, SAS, Japan Airlines, Delta, Air Astana, American and more.

Pros: High privacy
Cons: Seat is not wide, cubby for foot is small, not all seats are created equal
Emirates A380 Business Class
Solstys style Use by China Southern, Iberia, Alitalia, Airberlin, Emirates, Etihad, Garuda Indonesia and More
Pros: High privacy
Cons: Honeymoon seat is awful, the path to aisle is small
3: Reverse Herringbone
American 787 Business Class
Reverse Herringbone seats are first introduced by US Airways as Envoy Suites in 2009, as time passed more and more airlines started using this types of seats, this type of seat is layout in 1-2-1
Pros: High Privacy, Facing towards the window
Cons: Can’t see seatmate next to you, Can’t have a clear Window from your seat during take-off or landing
Use by Cathay Pacific, American, Delta, Air France, Qatar, Air Canada, Avianca, Japan Airlines, Sri Lanken and More
4: Herringbone
Air New Zealand B777 New Business Class
Herringbone is a type of seat which passengers are toward the aisle. Many Airlines have used it in the past, Herringbone seats are not industry leading anymore and will retire in the next 15 years or so.
Pros: High Privacy,
Cons: Can't talked to you friend sitting across, can't see the window
Use by Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Jet Airways, Air Canada, Mahan Air and More
5:  Lie-Flat Seats
LATAM B787 Business Class
This section is for seats that can lie-flat but cannot be categorized in one of the other seating types.
Well, is a Lie-Flat, it's a Lie-Flat, at least is better than the angled dentist office or recliner seats.
Use by China Eastern, Kuwait Airways ,China Southern, Air China, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, British Airways, Oman Air, Hainan Airlines, Aeroflot, KLM, Malaysia, LATAM, Air India, Korean Airlines, Delta, United, American, Aeromexico, Thai, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Air Jordanian, Saudia and More
6: Angled and Recline Seats
Condor B767 Business Class
I believe that a good night of sleep does not involve in dentist office in any case!(LOL!)
Use by Emirates, Tunisair, Fiji Airways, Aeroflot, Singapore Airlines, Philippines Airlines Kuwait Airways, Sichuan, Ukraine, Condor and More



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