How to Score 15 Cents Per Mile Using American Advantage on American or British Airways

American Airlines

What is American Advantage

American Advantage is American Airline's FFP. Has very good chart while redeeming for One-Way Transatlantic travels.

Highest Value

85Ks For One Way First on BA

American Advantage only required 85Ks of miles for One Way SAAver Award First Class From Mainland US to Europe, So if you Max them out. That will be Los Angles to Moscow, If you buy a paid tickets from American, That will be $12713! You CPM will be 14.95, Keep in mind that American is also selling miles now. For this amount of miles, you will requires $1672.65 for 85.5Ks of American Advantage Miles. But if you are based in the US and you don't mind spending a few hundred bucks to save for you next trip. You can buy 115Ks of American Advantage Miles $1991.25.

15 CPM 

As mention above, 85Ks for One Way Between US and Europe in First is really Damn Awsome, You can also redeem First Class between Los Angles and London, While First Class is for $12854,You can just pay for 85ks of American Advantage

Bottom Line

While American Advantage is not the most useful ffp in the world, American Advantage has very high CPMs while redeem them towards tickets on First to Europe. If you think that American First class is not a huge step from Business, You can also redeem Business to Europe for 57.5Ks which is less cpm valued.



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