Difference Between Economy and Premium Economy

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Difference Between Economy and Premium Economy
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While Airline has many classes onboard the same plane, typically airlines will include

  • Economy
  • Business
  • First

Some Airlines has added Premium Economy in the past decade. Given that many company now has corporate policy that there employee can not fly Premium Classes. Premium Economy is still a form of Economy essentially unless corporate policy has state Premium Economy as Premium Classes.

Preminum Economy Usally Come With while compare to Economy

  • Extra Legroom
  • Better Food
  • Better Drinks
  • Wider Seats
  • Priority Boarding Before Economy after Business
  • Hot Towels
  • Faster Deplane Before Economy does

Most Airline has been success with Premium Economy. However some Airlines such as Turkish Airlines is not success with Premium and eventually decided to retrofit planes without Premium Economy mainly due to

  • Service is too beyond Economy
  • Only available selected long-haul aircrafts
  • Many routes don’t have that much of demand
  • Many people on Premium Economy is upgraded due to oversold

There is some airline use Business Class product to marketed as Premium Economy with Premium Economy service. I will just list a few that is important to know

  • Thai B777-300ER Long-Haul
  • LATAM B787 Frankfurt - Madraid

Given that Premium Economy would not exist if most companies corporate policy allows employees to fly on Premium Class, Premium Economy usually doubles the price compares to Economy, but companies pay for that, not the employee it self.



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