Singapore Changi Security: What is Sky Priority?

Hello From Bali! I have finally arrived at my Hotel in Bali(Report is Coming Soon)! Here are some experiences today at Changi Airport that I have to Face!. Here is the full story:

I am arriving late at the gate(Not Last Call) There was two queues, Sky Priority and Standard, A Security Guard Asking people to queue up, Instead of asking Economy Passengers to queue for the line, The Female Security Guard Let Economy Passengers queuing in the Sky Priority Line ( I think The Female Security Guard Thought All Business Class Passenger Will Board Fist) When I ask her, She replied me that they are "Sky Priority" I Make a Quick Scan of Those People's Boarding Pass With my Eyes and find out that there are not"Sky Priority" What a Lie! I think Changi Should really think about this!

Singapore Changi Security Bottom Line

Singapore Changi isn't going to be voted next year the best airport if they do that everytime right?



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