WOW! Vancouver to KL and Singapore for Just 2100USD roundtrip Business class

KL part

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Explore Guangzhou with 72 Hr free visa policy!
Here it is:
China Southern 787 Business class has been on my radar for quite a while but I live in Guangzhou so I don't have a chance to try it out on an Long-Haul route.
Go on Air Canada and ANA,To enjoy the world's most cleanest airport ,LOL😀


Singapore part,

When I searched with ITA , I found out that China Southern offers Business for the price of USD 2,151 but is not the cheapest , The cheapest is the Sichuan air which is 2,009 USD ,but it has 2 stopovers so not very interested.China Eastern would offers it in the price of 2,131but I think China Southern is better since it only contains 1 long layouts but China Eastern contains 2 , So you have long layout in both ways, Shanghai is full of traffic but Guangzhou is not.

So base on that I think I would pay 20 USD more to go to Guangzhou!