USD 1980's FRA - HKG Roundtrip Business Class SAS vs British Airways!

One World vs Star Alliance is happens all the time, This time is SAS vs British Airways , The price offer is very Close , But British Airways Won by 2 USD Less than SAS.

Let's Compare


Seats Long-Haul 5 Points

Seats Short-Haul 3 Points

Price 1 points

Timing 2 points

Chance 1 Points

Service 3 Points

Points to WIN: 8 points


British Airways Club World (777 and 380) 2-4-2

SAS Business class 330 1-2-1

Everyone will know the difference,SAS wins.


British Airways 767 and 319

I don't known which version British Airways 767 it is, but Let's use this

BA Outbound 319 Europe Intra Business vs Lufthansa 320 Europe Intra Business class, Drawn!

BA 767 Business vs SAS 737 Plus(SAS does not have Business class in intra Europe ,They Use the same Economy class seat with Free food( From the pay menu ,Just  like a Buffet for free , Lounge access for free,Special Check-in) So I think BA can have better seats( A block in the middle 3 seats)

BA wins 

Price BA wins


SAS has offer 2,2 k HK to many place so I think BA wins

Service,Since 330 in SAS has less business class so I think SAS wins